What is Diamond Color ? The Essential 4 C's

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Most diamonds contain some amount of nitrogen that affects their color. These small variations in color influence the rarity and the value of the diamond. Color grades range from "D" being colorless to "Z" being quite yellow. Diamonds graded D, E, or F command the highest prices. Colorless:  D, E, or F Near Colorless: G, H, I, or J Very Slight Yellow Color: K, L, or M Slight Yellow Color: N, O, P, Q, or R Quite Yellow Color:  S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, or Z  GIA's diamond color-grading scale is the industry’s most widely accepted grading system. The scale begins with the letter D, representing colorless, and continues, with increasing presence of color, to the letter Z. Diamonds are color-graded by comparing them to stones of known color under controlled lighting and precise viewing conditions.The GIA has put together a Guide to the 4C's

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