Freshwater Pearls - a variety of shapes and colors

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Unlike the natural pearls fresh water pearls are produced in mussels and are grown with human intervention. Whatever be its origin and the process it also provides the same level of happiness and brings pleasure just as the natural pearls do. Both natural and cultured pearls are identical in makeup that is they are comprised of the changeable internal layer of a mollusk shell. There is some confusion with the evolution of cultured pearls. People relate cultured pearls with imitation but this is far from the original fact. Freshwater cultured pearls are pearls that are grown in mollusks that live in freshwater ponds, lakes and rivers rather than in the ocean and are produced in mussels. Cultured pearls mean that this freshwater pearl growth process was deliberately started by man. They look so natural that the best specimens of freshwater cultured pearls could be compared with the saltwater pearls—the Akoya pearl, the Tahitian pearl and the South Sea pearl in beauty and quality. Freshwater cultured pearls are produced in mussels that are nucleated, or implanted, with mantle tissue only, which is taken from a donor mussel since they do not contain a starter “bead." They are characterized by beautiful luster and a durable surface that will not easily flake or peel to reveal the inner bead whereas pearls that are bead-nucleated and prematurely harvested are prone to flaking and chipping. The most notable characteristic feature of freshwater pearls is their striking arrangement of beautiful, natural pastel colors. Pastels like cream; white, yellow, orange, and pink are common with freshwater cultured pearls. Apart from this the color pink which symbolizes romance and a pink pearl jewelry is an ideal gift for your valentine. Even lavender pearls are enjoying a rush in popularity today universally. Remember that pearls should be taken care to keep their luster for long time because once damaged their shininess could not be recovered. Therefore care should be taken that they are gently wiped with a damp cloth that has been dipped in a mild soap and water solution and air dried before wearing them again. Avoid contact with your hairspray, perfumes makeup and other chemicals. Store your pearl jewelry in the separate box to save it from getting scratched by other gems. Freshwater pearl jewelry could be found everywhere today, from the red carpet to the boardroom and beyond. The reliable reason cited behind the popularity of freshwater pearls is their availability in abundance in wide variety of pastel colors and of course the prices that are within the reach of most consumers. has a large collection of Freshwater Pearl Jewelry in many styles and price ranges.

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