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Since the beginning of time, gemstones have captured the imagination of people. The saturation of color, the brilliance the stone displays and the carat weight and cut draw people to prize gemstones. They are amazed by the range of gemstones available.   Gemstones are judged by Color, Carat Weight, Cut and Clarity.   Color – is the most important factor. The saturation of color along with the purity of hue determines value.  Those with the brightest and most vivid color will usually have the highest value.   Carat Weight - is the measurement of what a stone weighs. When properly cut a carat weight becomes important. The larger the stone the higher the value as long as you also consider the other factors.   Cut – is what determines the brilliance and beauty of the gemstone. Although there is no ideal cut, a gemstone showing the majority of its weight, displaying even color and having few inclusions is preferred.   Clarity – almost all gemstones contain some degree of inclusions. Flawless gemstones are rare and quite valuable. Even high end gemstones such as Emeralds contain some inclusions. There are gemstones that are usually cut without inclusions; these include Aquamarine, Tourmaline, Garnet and Amethyst to mention a few.     Gemstone Enhancement   Gemstones have been enhanced through various methods for a long period of time. Enhancement is defined as any traditional process other than cutting and polishing that improves the appearance and durability of a gemstone. Some of the ways gemstones are enhanced are thru dyeing, heating, irradiation and bleaching. A gemstone enhancement is considered permanent as long as the effect of the enhancement does not change under normal wear, cutting, repair, or cleaning .We accept  only gemstones that thru enhancement provide a lasting benefit by increasing their beauty, durability or availability.

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