Ring Types

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Rings are primarily classified by the occasion at which they will be given or worn. Following are the broad classification of rings based on settings or stones.
  • Bands: Bands are the simplest form of rings. A flat band consists of a strip of metal that is made into a circle joining the ends together.
  • Solitaire Rings: Solitaire rings are set with a single large gemstone as a centerpiece. These are named according to the shape of the gemstone set in the ring or the shank type used. For example; round, marquise, oval, cushion or square and split shank, curved shank or crossover etc.
  • Eternity Rings: Eternity rings are rings with gemstones, of identical cut and size, set in one row all around the ring. The stones are mostly round or square, and the setting is usually either claws or channel. When the stones do not continue around the entire ring, but stop halfway around the circle, it is known as half-eternity ring.
  • Cluster Rings: Cluster rings are rings with a group of stones in cluster setting, forming the focal point of the ring. The total visual effect is that of a single large gemstone, from a slight distance. The cluster setting usually consists of one large stone (usually oval or round) in the center surrounded with several smaller stones.
  • Three Stone Rings: Three stone rings are set with three gemstones; a larger one as the centerpiece and two smaller ones on its either side. This could be a combination of a colored gemstone and diamonds or just colored gemstones or just diamonds.
  • Five Stone Rings: Five stone rings is a term which is self explanatory, as these are set with five gemstones in a row, with or without diamonds.

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