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Men and women today use jewelry to adorn themselves.  They choose jewelry that matches their personalities or occasions.  Wearing jewelry has become a part of our everyday life. A Necklace is the most beautiful way to accessorize your neck.  Necklaces have a long tradition as an amulet for protection.  Today they can be found in a variety of metals, and beads.  Some necklaces contain precious and semi-precious stones, religious symbols, and lockets.  A Pendant often hangs from a necklace.  A pendant can be a gem stone, religious symbol, or any meaningful symbol.  Heart pendants are particularly popular. A Bracelet is worn around the wrist and can be manufactured from leather, cloth, and metals. Besides being a thing of beauty, bracelets are also worn for medical and identification purposes.  Bracelets can be inset with stones.  They can be made of chain or they can be solid bangles which come in a variety of widths. Every woman loves Earrings.  And, today, we find more men making fashion statements by wearing earrings.  Earrings can be studs which hug the ear lobe, hoops, and dangles.  Earrings are manufactured in a variety of medals and can contain precious and semi-precious stones. Rings have a long history.  Aside from Promise, Engagement, and Wedding Rings, rings are an important accessory.  The wearing of rings is considered to be the origin of today’s jewelry.  It is not unusual to see rings being worn on several fingers. Today we enjoy a wide variety of styles to choose from when we decide to purchase a necklace, bracelet, earrings, and rings.  Whether ornate and set with precious stones or of a simpler design, jewelry is an important fashion accessory that tells something about who we are. Browse to see our collection of fine jewelry at wholesale prices.

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