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Silver in its pure state is relatively soft, flexible and not suitable for jewelry. By adding other metals it becomes more durable. 925 silver consists of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Copper does not affect silver’s color but does improve its hardness and durability.

Silver is the brightest reflector of any metal. Its finish can be a matte, brushed or the highly prized bright finish. With gold prices quite high, silver is a great metal to mirror the appearance of white gold, but at a much lower price. Always look for 925 to be stamped on the back of the jewelry.

Caring for your Sterling Silver jewelry.

Sterling Silver jewelry can last for a lifetime by taking proper care. Even with its high polish it can become scratched or damaged. Avoid contact with household chemicals such as ammonia, bleach or chlorine. Most Sterling Silver jewelry has a rhodium finish to help it stay bright and tarnish free. Should the finish appear dull, clean it with a product specifically made for Sterling Silver jewelry. Regular cleaning will keep your jewelry tarnish free. When storing your jewelry you should wrap each piece in tissue paper before putting them in a jewelry box or a pouch.

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