Amethyst- most desirable gemstone

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Amethyst is a violet or purple variety of quartz often used as an ornament or jewelry. The name comes from the Greek A (not) and methuskein ("to intoxicate"), a reference to the belief that the stone protected its owner from drunkenness; the ancient Greeks and Romans wore amethyst and made drinking vessels of it in the belief that it would prevent intoxication.

Amethyst was used as a gemstone by the ancient Egyptians and was largely employed in antiquity for intaglios. Beads of amethyst are found in Anglo-Saxon graves in England.

Amethyst has been in use for thousands of years in magic, healing and psychic empowerment. Its violet color makes this one of the most sought after variety of quartz. It has a large number of qualities and uses that have been given it over the years and it is said to be a stone that radiates energy which has often been referred to as the purple ray. 
It is referred to as a Spiritual Stone because its color violet is same as that of  the crown chakra. Amethysts also are believed to calm emotions and reduce stress. It’s an amulet for travelers, and helps whoever holds the stone to have a more optimistic outlook and perspective. Placing it under your pillow is supposed to help induce sleep and prophetic dreams. 

Some people use amethyst balls not so much for divination, but to channel knowledge and  healing from the universe. It’s also used for healing in a variety of ways. If you merely hold it in your hand or keep it in your pocket, you can channel the healing powers of amethysts. Although a healing crystal doesn’t necessarily need to be amethyst, it’s one that’s often used for spiritual as well as physical healing.

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